It takes me by suprise…the kindness of others. Touches me so deeply because i know that Jesus is truly in my midst.
I was at HEB Sunday evening in line at the check out after spinning thru the store quickly grabbing food that would satisfy my hungry teen boys and picking things we needed for our new home when a stranger approached me. A man behind me in line leaned in and asked me if he could pay for my groceries. I said “No, but thank you.” He continued and explained that he had known Glenn. He was an ACTS brother and he wanted to do this for me and for Glenn. He explained that my husband had done so much for him. I asked this man  who looked at me with such compassion and sorrow, what his name was so that i would know him and thank him through my prayer of thanksgiving.
George was Christ tonight. He truly was a gift from God and his kind act gave me hope and reminded me that I am not alone.
Thank you,  George. Your goodness was a light for me. Blessings!